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  • 7 gas-saving secrets

    Memorial Day weekend kicks off summertime road trips, but escalating gas prices can leave us feeling stranded. So before you hit the open road, consider these gas-saving tips.

    Drive With Windows Down

    Pop quiz: Should you roll down the windows or turn on the air conditioning to save gas? It’s a hot debate, but according to, driving on the highway at 55 mph or more with the windows down can lower fuel efficiency by at least 20% due to the drag created by the open window. Consumer Reports found using the AC only drops fuel efficiency by about 10%. But if you’re traveling at slower speeds in stop-and-go traffic, windows down is most fuel-efficient. Forty miles per hour is a good benchmark when choosing between windows down and air conditioning.

    Fill Tires to Recommended Pressure

    Your tires can also impact mileage and the quickest and easiest way to increase fuel efficiency is to inflate them to the recommended pressure.

    “We did a test here at Edmunds a couple years ago with our Read More »from 7 gas-saving secrets

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