• A total of 23 Volkswagen Beetles were used in the 1980's movie "Herbie Goes Bananas." Why so many? Because most got totaled due to all the silly stunts director Vincent McEveety dreamed up during filming. The bug you see here is Herbie number 16, and after more than three decades being brought back from the dead, the little 1963 Beetle appeared for sale on eBay – selling moments ago for just $32,100.

    Why so little for such a famous car? Well, it may be due to the fact that this Herbie doesn't feature the original motor or transmission, or even the floorpan. Some of its bodywork, too, has been replaced.

    Herbie #16 during filmingHerbie #16 during filming

    See, Herbie #16 (of 23) was built specifically for the water scenes where the iconic Beetle gets dropped off a boat and into the ocean. Two cars were used for these scenes; one was abandoned on the seabed and is now destroyed, the other is #16. For filming, Herbie needed to float, so an engine and transmission was not necessary; even fake fiberglass wheels were used to keep weight to a

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  • Most of us have been there — you’re nonchalantly cruising about 10 mph over the speed limit, only to notice a police car flash the lights behind you. It’s downer that’ll cost maybe $350, and a couple hours of traffic school to knock the point off the record.

    But a similar infraction cost one driver nearly $60,000 in Finland.

    Reima Kuisla was on his way to the airport when he got caught going 103 km/h (64 mph) in an 80km/h (50 mph) zone, setting him back 54,024 euros. It’s a seemingly excessive penalty until you realize how Finland calculates its fines.

    Kuisla posted a picture of the fine on his Facebook pageKuisla posted a picture of the fine on his Facebook pageUnlike in the United States, where the flat fine is based on location and speed over the limit, Finland bases the penalty also as a percentage of daily income, according to the previous year’s tax return. Since Reima Kuisla earned over 6.5 million euros ($7 million) in 2013, he had a penalty equivalent to a brand-new BMW M3. The rationale is that the fine should sting for anyone, whether they’re scraping by or living in the lap of luxury.

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  • Goodyear wants your tires to charge your car

    Goodyear tire conceptsGoodyear tire concepts

    It's normal for one of Europe's big auto shows to host a variety of forward-thinking concept car reveals, but this year's Geneva Motor Show included a rarity — the unveiling of a pair of concept tires by Goodyear meant to expand ideas about what tires can do aside from keeping a car on the road.

    The first, dubbed the BH-03, combines two fairly advanced technologies to generate electricity from the tire itself that could help recharge electric vehicle batteries on the road. A weave of thermoelectric fibers transforms the heat generated by the tire's friction with the road into energy, while piezioelectric material does the same using changes in the tire's shape as it moves. Goodyear didn't suggest how much energy such a set of tires could potentially create, but said if put into production could ease EV owners' range anxiety.

    Goodyear Triple TubeGoodyear Triple Tube

    The second Goodyear concept, dubbed Triple Tube, debuted on the Lexus LF-SA concept. Much as most modern cars have adjustable suspension settings, the Triple

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  • New Ford GT details: High price, low production

    Ford GT in GenevaFord GT in Geneva

    We're well more than a year away from the first Ford GT going into a customer's hands, a timeline that's led Ford to dispense details about the supercar with an eyedropper. Today, Ford reveal two key data points — the production figures and a strong hint about its price — which puts the GT into clearer focus. If you own a Lamborghini dealership, 2016 may be a rough year.

    Ford says it will assemble 250 GTs a year, with final assembly at supplier Multimatic's plant in Canada, which will handle the carbon-fiber and aluminum chassis. Ford stopped short of saying how many years production will run, although Dave Pericak, head of Ford's Performance unit, did say on Monday that total GT production would total in the "hundreds, not thousands."

    The other news came from executives who all but said the more-than-600 hp GT powered by a twin-turbo 3.5-liter Ecoboost V-6 would compare in price to the V-12 powered, 691-hp Lamborghini Aventador, which starts at $397,000. That's more than double what

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  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS, your 500-hp Nürburgring slayer

    How far have sports cars evolved in recent years? Ten years ago, the most capable supercar on the planet was the Porsche Carrera GT, a wondrous and wickedly complex machine that lapped the famed Nürburgring in 7 minutes, 29 seconds. Today, Porsche unveiled the 911 GT3 RS, a car that costs a fraction of what the Carrera does, uses much of the everyday's 911 chassis, and yet can beat it by a handy nine seconds around the Nürburgring.

    While Porsche says the 911 GT3 RS is as far as it can push the line between track-only 911 and one that's still possible to use on public roads, there's nothing common about this 911. The body comes mostly from the 911 Turbo, with a wing that could do double duty as a dining-room sideboard on the rear. To save weight, many of those panels are made of carbon fiber; Porsche has even gone so far to construct the roof from magnesium for greater lightness still.

    Under the rear hatch lies the most potent non-turbo flat-six Porsche has ever devised — a 4-liter unit

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  • Aston Martin turns toward Tesla with electric DBX concept

    There will soon be a day when every luxury carmaker needing some kind of all-wheel-drive SUV model will seem boring. But that's still some years away based on the surprise Aston Martin uncorked at the Geneva Motor Show today — an all-electric, all-wheel-drive concept called the DBX that's less a James Bond speedster and more a competitor to the upcoming Tesla Model X.

    Aston Martin made clear the DBX was not the preview of a model it's ready to build, but rather the first swing by its design studios at how a high-riding Aston with some off-road capability might look. The two-door DBX includes space in both the trunk and under the front hood (has Tesla monopolized the word "frunk"?) thanks to the lack of traditional engine. The exterior's unique color comes from paint with a thin layer of chrome; the interior eschews traditional leather covering for Nubuck-like suedes. And power comes from a lithium-sulfur battery pack of unknown size turning electric motors at all four wheels — or it

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  • If you think that Volkswagen’s current cars are a little, um, forgettable, you’re certainly not alone. But if VW’s new Sport Coupe Concept GTE, which just made its debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, is any indication of where VW is going, there might well be some VWs worth remembering in the future.

    With a broad, chiseled face that bears a striking resemblance to the new Aston Martin Lagonda, the Sport Coupe Concept GTE is being billed as a car that could fill the gap between the Passat and the aging Phaeton luxury sedan that VW phased out of its U.S. lineup years ago. It is also the latest automobile to push the definition of the word “coupe,” with its four-door hatchback body and four spacious seats. It is edgy and sexy, however, without looking forced. Particularly well executed are the grill slats that blend into the LED running lamps, the chamfered tailgate, and elegant wheel bugles that convey a muscular stance without looking steroidal. Think of it as an Audi A7 with a VW

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  • World's fastest car? Koenigsegg Regera makes an 1,800-hp case

    Christian von Koenigsegg isn't a fan of standing still. His eponymous Swedish auto company has been turning out high quality, low-volume supercars now for just over a decade, challenging the likes of Bugatti and other artisanal builders for superlatives in speed and handling.

    Yet today, Koenigsegg launched his most ambitious car yet, one meant to stand on the stage with Ferrari, Porsche and any other builder. This is the Koenigsegg Regera, an 1,800-hp, $1.9 million machine capable of hitting 248 mph — in less than 20 seconds.

    While four-digit horsepower figures are rare but not unheard of in small-production cars, the method by which Koenigsegg gets its power may be as impressive as its totals. The back hatch holds a twin-turbo V-8 capable of 1,100 hp on regular high-octane fuel. That engine doesn't use a transmission; rather, Koenigsegg has fitted what he calls a hydraulic drive unit that's coupled with two electric motors on the rear axle. A third electric motor on the front of the

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  • Bentley's resurgence in recent years under the wing of the Volkswagen Group reflects the devotion to delivering exactly what a group of well-heeled customers want. The basic Bentley design has not altered much in the past decade, and that's just fine with owners who might otherwise buy a new house or boat instead of another Continental.

    But at some point, Bentley's masters want to grow the business. On the high end, that means a new and somewhat un-British SUV that will out-pamper the Rolls-Royce and Mercedes alternatives. And tonight in Geneva, Bentley unveiled a concept that shows another direction it could take — straight at Jaguar, Porsche and other sports car stalwarts.

    This is the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6, an ungainly name for a striking two-seat car, wearing a special metallic shade of British racing green, intricate headlights and a numbered grille just like the Bentley Blowers of the '20s. While Bentley declined to talk about how much power the concept held, the current

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  • The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is, at the moment, about the most exotic truck you can buy, a juiced-up former military vehicle that packs 536 hp and price tag deep in the six figures. Its reign will be short; soon Mercedes will unveil the G65 AMG, with a twin-turbo V-12 and a price that begins in Bentley territory. Speaking of Bentley, the Brits are readying their own swank 4x4, the Bentayga. Rolls-Royce recently confirmed that it’s working on an SUV. In a few years, nearly every exotic car company will offer an SUV. It seems like such an obvious move, you wonder why nobody did this sooner. Well, somebody did, way back in the '80s: Lamborghini.

    Lamborghini started building the LM002 in 1986. The LM, a nearly 7,000 lb. 4x4 powered by a Countach V-12, was conceived as the Italian Hummer but never quite caught on with either militaries or well-heeled civilians. Too expensive, too complicated—too far ahead of its time, really—America bought a total of 44 LMs. Fortunately, I happen to know one

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