5 funny video clips that prove: kids + cars = cute

Our editors select their favorite funny videos of cute kids in cars. Or on cars. Or driving cars. And don't worry: only one will give you nightmares.

2) This little boy can't stay awake behind the wheel

This one isn't so much charming as troubling. What chemicals are coursing through this little guy's system? Looks to me like prescription drugs. (No way he gets so stunned on drink alone.) Does his father think that's funny? If the kid weren't driving in a circle, he'd be going down a bad road. Not only is he insensible to motion, he's able to sleep through intermittent blasts of Ace Hood's gangsta anthem "Bugatti" ("I come looking for you with Haitians / I stay smoking on good Jamaican / I woke up in a new Bugatti.") Total it up, and Bubba, Jonah, whateverhisnameis will be lucky to see his third birthday.

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